Ways to apologize to a girlfriend online – works with Slavic women

There are really lots of things that can offend a woman. These are rude words, unfulfilled promises, lie, late arrival to video chat which was arranged earlier. Here are only 1% of situations which can make your woman think bad things about you. But there are also a lot of ways to apologize. Some of them work with strong and steel ladies who won’t need your tears. Other ones will work well with soft and tender beauties who cry all the time when you touch their feelings. You have to know your woman at least a little in order to choose the right method.

Of course, there is something special in online communication and today we’ll talk purely about talking to a girl in internet. That helps you create a strategy and stick to it without any emotions. Face to face communication will only destroy your chances to get forgiveness in this way. If you talk to a woman online, there are always great chances to choose optimal way for apologizing.

What are the things that Ukrainian girls are offended for?

There are dozens of factors that can offend a girl from Ukraine. It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid these factors at all, but some of them are not appropriate for getting to know a girl better. At the start of communication you’ll have to talk to a woman all the time politely and patiently. There is a big chance to offend a woman if you go too far to personal details, dig into previous relations, ask too many personal questions which may touch her feelings.

Here are some things you should never do with a Ukrainian girl:

  1. The hardest thing to decide is how to apologize to your Ukrainian girlfriend for lying. Of course, it depends on the kind of lie, but still this is very hard topic and quite individual situation.
  2. Hurting her feelings. Usually there are several topics which a girl doesn’t want to touch in conversation. These topics you have to forget because otherwise she’ll be deeply offended.
  3. Talking in rude manners. Bad language is an awful idea when talking to a girl. She’ll understand that you are quite rude guy and will try to finish communication with you for a long time.
  4. Talking about ex-girlfriends. It’s a taboo topic when you speak to a Slavic woman. The trouble is that women want to hear good things about themselves, they don’t want to hear anything about other women at all.
  5. If you try to boast, it will be OK for 1-2 times. But after that you’ll have troubles when talking to a girl. She’ll become far away from you, and that works for women on the whole planet.
  6. Being egotistical. Men are egoists and they talk a lot about themselves. You have to cope with that feeling and try to ask a lot of questions. That will help you find keys to the heart of your woman as soon as possible.

Instead of thinking of how to say sorry to your Ukrainian girlfriend, better think of how to avoid the situation when she becomes offended. It’s easier but it needs every single minute thinking. Make sure you don’t tell anything offensive to your woman. You have to understand that these tender creatures are really easy to offend. And it’s quite hard to deserve forgiveness after that. Sometimes it’s even impossible.

What to do if your girl is offended already?

It all depend on the reasons of her offense. Sometimes it’s not even worth trying to get her forgiveness. Ukrainian ladies are quite tempered and they have strong personality. So, sometimes they will block you after they are offended. It’s quite hard topic about blocking in the internet. If you are blocked, you can’t get any chance to talk to her. And the only way to deserve forgiveness is to talk personally.

If you have already done something horrible and offended your lady, there are some steps to try and save the situation:

  • try to contact her by any means, use all possible methods to communicate with your girl;
  • first thing to do is to admit that you were wrong, it’s absolutely necessary step in this plan;
  • then start apologizing and giving her hints that you are ready for everything in order to please her;
  • after that it’s a great idea to make her some presents – should it be a bunch of flowers and some cute soft toy;
  • after she is ready to speak to you, make her compliments and be soft and tender all the time;
  • keep giving her small presents but don’t ask her if she is still offended, that is a bad strategy.

It’s always worth knowing how to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feeling through text. It’s the best way of communication in this case. Write a letter to her explaining why you did that thing or why you said those words. In your letter be loving, don’t try to show her that she was wrong. In this case you won’t deserve her answer and she’ll stay offended forever. You have to be very careful when trying to make a woman forgive you.

We recommend you to read our article about how to be a perfect boyfriend for Ukrainian girl. You’ll find a lot of tips to avoid offending her.

What are the situations with no chances?

  1. You broke her heart by meeting other girls when talking to her.
  2. There was a lot of lie in your conversations, you told things which weren’t real.
  3. You used video and text chatting for too long and didn’t want to develop relationship.
  4. You were too egotistical for a long time, your woman got tired of it and decided to split up.
  5. You asked her to send pictures without any clothes on or made dirty hints.
  6. You asked a lot about previous relations, started digging into her life in the past.
  7. When talking to her you only spoke about yourself without asking her anything.

Verdict: is it real to deserve forgiveness?

There are no hopeless situations and you can learn how to make your girlfriend forgive you. Probably, you won’t have any chance to talk to her personally, but internet video dating is a great way to show your emotions. Even text chatting can make it easier to apologize. First of all admit your guilt, be patient, listen to all her loud words and don’t be offended about that. After she finishes criticizing you, tell her that you are ready to change yourself for her and start acting differently. Then you’ll have a lot of chance to get her forgiveness. Though, in some situations it still can be hard.

But it’s worth trying: just look at this girl on the video – would you try and apologize to her?

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