Great and working pick up lines to start online chatting

If we talk about Slavic girls, their mind works differently from the women of Western world. So, usual phrases like we use to get a girl interested in conversation will be a huge fail. It’s not only about getting her interested but also about showing your intentions. If a girl in the US would be interested in just talking to you and checking what kind of person you are, Ukrainian beauties will want to know you before answering back.

That makes a huge difference and sometimes is a reason of failing at first conversation. Especially it’s obvious when you try to start talking to a girl on a dating website. At various social networks Slavic women won’t answer you back even if you start with a well-known poem about love and your pictures will be the most beautiful at the whole network. We guarantee you that the only way to start real communication with a girl from East-European world is to go to dating website.

How to start conversation in order to get an answer?

You’ll have to remember some rules. These are simple recommendations which can be given to those who are going to find a wife or a girlfriend online among Ukrainian ladies. It’ll take you some time but it’s 100% worth it. You probably know one or two couples who are married for years and live happy life together in which the woman is Ukrainian or Russian. But you may also know dozens of men who tried to find a girlfriend among Slavic beauties but it didn’t go any further than first conversation.

You may start communicating by using these rules:

  • present some short information about you – tell your real name, don’t use any nicknames in order to start the first line;
  • find best ways to tell shortly about your profession, city where you live, main interests in life and whatever you find interesting about you;
  • don’t hesitate to write about your intentions – women here are longing for understanding whether you are serious enough;
  • include some compliment if you can see a picture of a girl, but don’t use too much of compliments per first message;
  • ask question in the end, then it’s more likely that she will answer you back by answering this question (as minimum);
  • send your picture if you don’t have any in your profile, girls won’t talk to people who they can’t see visually.

These are main rules you have to remember when starting conversation with Ukraine women. And also you have to keep in mind that cute pick up lines for her are only the start. You have to stick to some rules of conversation with Slavic ladies in order to make a good virtual boyfriend at first. These women are very shy and careful when talking about relations. So, it’s nearly impossible to conquer a girl’s heart just by sending her a good pick up line. Forget about this strategy and prepare for a long journey.

Why is the first line so important?

If you don’t have any pretty pick up lines, it will be quite hard for you to start conversation. First thing to do is to understand that the girl will measure you by looking at this first line which was send by you in a message. If you go for a standard “Hey! How are you, beauty?”, you won’t get any response at all. The first message should be not so short and concentrating on you. Try a different strategy and see how it really works with girls.

When you are telling a short story about you in a first message, it will be interesting to read. The girl might feel something towards you and start writing back. Of course, it won’t work in social networks, but it really works at dating websites where girls are willing to get to know a man. Forget about humor and funny cute pick up lines which make girls sick currently. Every second man starts conversation with those machine written and standard phrases. They don’t work anymore.

You can also read our article about how to be a good boyfriend for a Slavic girl to understand more about psychology of these women.

What shouldn’t you write in a first message?

There are quite a lot of things which you shouldn’t write in your first message to a girl. First of all remember that she won’t read messages with 1000 words in them. Write one middle-sized message and wait for an answer. Don’t send more and more texts if she doesn’t answer you immediately. Although you might want to talk to a woman right now, she could be sleeping or working at the moment. Give her a day to answer you back.

According to the text you shouldn’t make such mistakes:

  • being rude is an awful strategy which will destroy your intentions to get to know the girl better;
  • trying to get some personal information right at the start will be a real mistake;
  • don’t even try to write anything about sexual relations or your wishes in the first message;
  • make sure you write only facts and don’t bring to much emotions in your first conversation;
  • don’t call your woman with any kinds of those cute words that spring into your mind when you see her pictures;
  • don’t cross that line of polite conversation, it will destroy your chances to speak to that girl.

Also you shouldn’t give too much of personal information. Don’t tell about your problems, forget about telling about your previous relations or any other things like that. Be positive but polite and you’ll have your answer. Of course, the main thing is to get first answer, but after that you also have to be polite and attentive to your woman’s wishes. Being egotistical is the worst strategy ever.

Here are some examples of successful starters:

  1. Hello! I saw your profile pictures and decided to write a message. My name is Patrick, I’m Irish but live in the US now. I’m single and want to find a woman to marry. If you agree, we could speak a little bit and get to know each other better. What’s the best time we can chat today?
  2. Hi! My name’s Rick, I’m 36. I liked your pictures and videos in the profile and decided to write a message. It would be great if you agreed to spend some minutes for a conversation with me. I have only serious intentions because I’m sick of being alone. Write back if you agree to talk a little.
  3. Hello, dear Anastasia! I’m Joe, 45, live in Netherlands and do farming. My house is empty without woman’s heart and I really want to find a wife. If you agree, we could chat a little and know each other better. Then I will send you invitation and you can come to visit my place. If you won’t like something, I’ll send you home without any questions. Hope to hear from you!

Verdict: are pick up lines that important?

Yes, they are of great importance and they show to a girl whether you are a serious guy or just a person to communicate for a couple of hours. You have to include some personal details, but not too much. And you also have to think about politeness, kindness and all those things. Ensure your girl that your intentions are not just talking in internet, but meeting in real life. Give her reasons for talking to you. Then you’ll be successful and won’t need any special pick up lines for beautiful girls. Have luck and make sure you do everything correctly!

Here is a video of one of the girls you could speak to right now:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform

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