How can I find a wife if I’m over 60? Tips for success

There are many men over 60 years old who don’t have a family. You may find many reasons of it: the loved one could have died or just gone to build other family, a man could have been single for a part of his life. It’s really hard to find the person who you could trust at this age. You have seen a lot in your life, have got a lot of experience and now every woman is viewed through all the wisdom of life.

Let’s say it straight – men at this age start to be not very attractive for women. That makes finding a wife even more complicated. But you always have a choice. Don’t women from your own country want to get married? Can’t you find a person who will be glad to take care of you? Aren’t there women who could revive the feeling of love in your soul? Then you try to search in inappropriate place. We’ll tell you secrets of what to do in such situation.

Why Ukrainian and Russian girls are great for you?

If a man is over 60 years old, he doesn’t usually believe that he can find his love among young girls. The cult of body, youth and strength is now a trend in Western society. But it’s far from popular in Slavic countries.

Here a woman would look at other things such as courage and bravery, masculinity and soulfulness. Girls appreciate it when a man can maintain future family, is generous.

Here are the reasons why you have to look for a Slavic girl:

  • age difference of 20-25 years is quite OK, women don’t care much about age of their husband;
  • even a small pension benefit in Western country makes huge money for living in Ukraine or Russia;
  • there shouldn’t be any worries about appearance – these women don’t care much about that;
  • women are wonderful, look at pictures of mature ladies over 40 years old to understand the thing;
  • girls from Eastern Europe are very womanlike, easy-going, loving and tender for their husbands.

These are only some reasons to remember when looking for a girl. If you are a mature man over 60, these reasons will be the most important for you. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to look for a girl of 20 years old, but even a big age difference won’t be a trouble. There are families which have 15, 20, 25 years difference and still have a lot of happiness and live long together. Can you imagine such family in your country?

Tips to find a good woman

You have to understand that your age is advantage for you. There is now quite hard situation with jobs and money in Ukraine and Russia. People agree to work for small salaries and get little pension money when they get older. You have a chance to show your girl that you’ll take care of her in spheres of finance, and she’ll make wonderful wife. So, when trying to meet a girl in Slavic countries, be prepared to tell about your advantages as a husband. And these pros won’t be in spheres of athletic body or great appearance.

Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Be careful with any kinds of promises. These girls remember everything and they actually don’t like getting promises (they had a lot from their former husbands usually).
  2. Try to push on your good sides. Tell that you are a good father or grandfather, you have warm relations with a lot of friends, you are kind and loving.
  3. Don’t forget to discuss financial topics. Give a hint that you can easily maintain a family but you will also let your woman earn money and develop in society.
  4. It’s important to decide if you are ready to invite your future girl to your country. It would be a great advantage, because a lot of women would like to change a place of living.
  5. Make sure you understand that it’s very important for a girl. Don’t think of any kinds of jokes about family relations. These women won’t understand them.

Speaking online with your probable future wife is very important. This is the time when she can understand if a man is good enough for her. We don’t recommend offline meeting until you have communicated online for at least 2 months. Make sure you know everything about the girl and you told her everything about yourself.

Otherwise your hard trip to Ukraine or Russia will be a total disaster. Usually men come back home with nothing if they didn’t learn much about their girls.

Is it possible to lie about age?

It’s prohibited for all cases when speaking to a girl from Slavic countries. These women want to know the truth from the very beginning. If you start lying in your profile, there won’t be any chances for successful dating in future. Try to imagine such situation: you lied in your profile and got to speak with a beautiful girl who fell in love with you. When you come to Ukraine, she agrees to marry you. But then she sees that you are 7 years older than the age in your profile. There is a big chance that the girl will cancel wedding. It’s not about your age, it’s about trust. You have to tell the truth.

Internet dating website – great way to find a woman

Before you pack your suitcase, make sure you understand why you go to Ukraine or Russia. It’s better to go there to meet special women. At first sign up to one of the dating websites which provide video chatting and allow users to choose from hundreds of Slavic women. Then you may communicate with 2-3 of them for a couple of months. It won’t cost you much, but it will save your money and nerves in future. After you have one or two girls who you want to get to know better, buy tickets and fly to meet them. It will be much more comfortable than going to Slavic world without understanding what to do there.

Read our article about some places where you can find Ukrainian girls.

How to understand that a girl is a gold-digger?

You’ve probably heard that dating websites are full of so called gold-diggers. These are women who create great profiles and communicate with single men from the USA, the UK, Germany, Belgium and other developed countries. During conversation they pretend that they are ready to get married, but they don’t have any money to survive right now. So, a generous man starts sending her money and pampering her with presents. This is a gold-digger who just wants to take revenue from talking to you.

There are some points how you can recognize such girls:

  • usually they start talking to you for a long time, for them it’s like a job;
  • they don’t ask for money directly, but always give hints for presents;
  • these women don’t invite you to come to their country;
  • they also don’t want to go to your country in order to meet in life;
  • they want to continue communicating only while you give them presents;
  • you can see that they speak to a lot of different men on dating websites;
  • they agree to talk to you at any time of day and night.

Usually Ukrainian girls care much about their health, so they want a good sleep. But if you are in the USA, it’s deep night in Ukraine when you have comfortable evening for communication. So, be careful with gold-diggers and don’t allow them to take your money. There is no chance that you can make a girl, who earns money by talking to men, love you and marry you in the end. She has her job and won’t let you interrupt it. To avoid such situations just choose fair and scam-free websites to communicate with girls.

Verdict: should I be careful about dating Ukrainian or Russian girls?

They are kind and tender, they can love and take your love to the full, they can be gorgeous even after 50 years old. These are reasons why men shouldn’t be scared about communicating with such women. There aren’t many countries with such mentality as in Ukraine or Russia. You have to understand that finding a bride for a man after 60 in Western world is quite hard. But in Slavic world it is possible and can be done in 2-3 months. Everything you need to remember: start communicating only in internet, stay away from gold-diggers, be careful with promises, don’t hesitate!

Here is a bonus for you: one of the girls who want to find a husband in English speaking countries:

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