Video dating with Russian and Ukrainian girls: does it work well?

Recent 10 years were the years of online dating. People from all over the world started getting in touch and making families thanks to special websites. You can remember those services years ago – they were awful. You couldn’t see even a picture of your partner in chat and had to type all these silly messages while getting from one awkward situation to another. Not very romantic, to say the truth.

But currently dating platforms start delivering great services such as video chats, quick text messaging in comfortable environment and matching with partners from the whole world. You may get in touch with a Russian single lady or go to video date with a young Ukrainian girl. Those actions can be even made simultaneously. Thanks to smartphones life became a quick thing and there are many reasons to use this privilege in web dating.

Why dating websites are not free?

Well, there are free platforms, but usually they are awful. You can’t use search, can’t send a message to a girl, can’t watch pictures and videos in her profile… Have you started chatting with girls for free? Then you probably know how often a website freezes and you have to restart your browser in order to get back to the dialog. And you’ve experienced situations when a beautiful girl under a cute profile was a 69 year old lady from Odessa.

Dating websites take money for some reasons:

  • video chats requires huge and powerful server which costs at least $1000 a year, so that’s one point;
  • there are companies under each big platform which include IT-specialists, marketing teams, administrators, online support workers;
  • the websites for video dating are quite difficult to create, they use alternative technologies in order to create less load;
  • there is a service which checks all profiles, so you are unlikely to bump into a scam profile if you choose a solid platform;
  • the companies usually don’t earn money from girls’ profiles, they just take fees from men who want to find a bride.

These are the reasons which are evident for the sphere. For a lot of IT-teams creating websites for video chats and dating became a business sphere. And you probably know that the average salary of Ukrainian programmer goes up to 5 000 $ per month. So, maintaining such websites will be a huge trouble for a budget. If websites didn’t take money for services, they would lose their businesses quickly.

How to understand that you got to a scam website?

There are loads of platforms that only promise you great chatting and real girls from Slavic countries. At least ten huge websites are now getting bad reviews because the scam is being revealed by attentive customers.

Scam profiles are usually hard to reveal, but there are some small factors that you can use for understanding the platform’s fairness.

Here are some important factors:

  1. Payment systems. It’s quite hard to get a solid payment system services for your website. If a company only accepts cryptocurrency and electronic money, just close the tab and search for other options.
  2. Profile range. Fraud websites usually contain only model girls who are between 18 and 28 years old. Usual dating platforms offer a range of profiles including the girls who don’t have top-model’s appearance and are older than 40.
  3. Pictures. If you are on a fraud dating website, there are only professional pictures which were edited in special programs. Live and simple pictures take less attention but they show that you are on the fair platform.
  4. Profile descriptions. Usually the girls write profile texts by themselves. Ukrainians and Russians aren’t native English speakers, so their texts are sometimes hard to understand, and that’s normal, it means you are on the right way.
  5. One-page websites. Usually these are fraud pages which only want to take your money. On a normal platform you can look through some pictures of girls, watch some videos, get other information and read through rules, terms and conditions.

These are main features which you must look at when registering with a dating website. Otherwise your chances to get in trouble and lose money are quite high. You may just read comments and reviews made by other men who tried to communicate with Russian girls via video. There are plenty of reviews with a lot of bad words in them.

Why video chatting is still a good idea?

Of course, that’s a great option if you choose between texting and seeing a real girl in front of you. If you just text, you can never be sure that it’s not an old fat man answering you on that side of the screen. You have to know, that there are much more gold-diggers in the sphere of online dating than you can even imagine. So, one way to make yourself comfortable is to watch your partner sitting and typing in front of you.

There are usually questions of why the websites don’t provide voice and video chat but only combine typing messages with video. The answer is quite simple – loads. Voice and video chatting would require a powerful server station like the one of YouTube or Facebook. But the dating platforms don’t earn that much, so voice communication is a rare thing in this sphere.

By the way, video communicating allows you to see a beautiful girl, sometimes even in quite open clothes, if you understand what we mean.

Video author: Love-Temptation dating platform.

The ethic line while video chatting with girls

A lot of men hope that a Ukrainian or Russian girl can show a little more than just her face while video chatting. Though, it’s strictly prohibited on most top-rated websites to take off clothes. So, if a girl can show you more than expected, you bumped into the wrong site. Such platforms are associated with other sphere of dating and they have totally different purpose, we won’t describe it, it’s quite understandable.

Though, you may ask a girl to walk around in order to see her shape. You aren’t expected to come to Ukraine in order to understand that your internet love is absolutely different in real life.

One more things to say is the ethic line of girls from Slavic countries. They aren’t as open in questions of sex relations as women from the US or Western Europe. Ukrainians tend to be quite shy when speaking about tricky topics, Russians can stop conversation if you go too far. Try to understand your chat partner and don’t push on her on your first online date.

The rules of successful online dating:

  1. Think about the topics. During a video chat you usually admire a woman but not think of what to ask her.
  2. Understand her needs. Ask questions, propose help if it’s possible, ask about troubles in life (there are many, as a rule).
  3. Build trust. As soon as the lady trusts you, she will feel free and your conversation will become much more interesting.
  4. Visit chat regularly. When you start talking to a girl, you give her a hope to meet you one day. Don’t offend her and keep chatting sometimes.
  5. Don’t ask silly questions. It’s usually a hard part of online conversation. If you don’t have a topic, better ask her to think of the one, but don’t start telling stupid things.

Verdict: should you go and chat with ladies?

Strange question. If you are going to start a family, it’s quite an interesting way to find relationship in other country. Just find a good website and start talking with girls you like. The more women there are, the more chances to find the real love you get. You can spend some time and money, but isn’t it worth it?

If you still don’t know how to find a good dating platform, subscribe to our new posts. Sometimes we recommend a website which was thoroughly checked and is free of scam and fraud for sure. We don’t make advertisement but just recommend websites because our readers usually ask about the platforms with real girls.

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