What questions shouldn’t you ask a girl during online date?

Online dating became a really popular way to have relationship. You can easily find a girl in other country and date her every single day. You will look at her through webcam and she will send you messages from the different side of the Globe. The reason is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to your local community, so you get freedom in talking to women with the help of internet.

It all sounds great, but the truth is that there are few men who really can ask needed questions in order to conquer the girl’s attention and change her status to girlfriend. Women are too careful with all those online relations and they won’t let you be too close to them unless you know some secrets. As you probably know, we’ve been working in online dating sphere for 10 years and now we share some secrets with you.

Taboo topics you should never touch

There are lots of different topics that are too bad for a girl. It may be her ex-boyfriends, for example. The least favorite topic to discuss is relations which the girl had before. Probably she had troubles, maybe she still feels pain of split-up. Don’t be silly to ask such questions. At least while you are dating online. Once you start meeting in real world, it becomes a normal questions to discuss, but until that time keep it out of your chat.

There are also some other topics to remember here:

  • things that a girl did in order to register on the website for online chatting;
  • things that brought a girl to chat people online at dating websites;
  • relatives and ex-relations – this is a taboo for all girls around such websites;
  • age and appearance – you can’t predict how a girl will react on your compliment or question;
  • love – usually women think that a man is a maniac if he talks about love online;
  • marriage – never ever ask a girl to marry you in online chat, that won’t work;
  • sexual relations – chat isn’t the best place to show your experience or ask question about that topic;
  • children – don’t even try to ask a lady if she has kids, that’s a total taboo question.

As you see, some of the topics are quite usual for conversation. According to men’s logic you can easily raise these topics and talk to girls about all these things. The trouble is that such questions will lead you to one bad place – a girl will just stop talking to you and will change you for another guy. If you think that you’re unique man, you have to look at statistics. There are over 10 million men worldwide who really want to talk with Slavic women online and find a wife in Ukraine or Russia.

Talking online – what could go wrong?

There are many things that could go wrong while your conversation at dating site with the girls. For example, women are usually late for conversations. You can think they forgot about you or they have some more important plans. But the reason is that they put on some makeup or they are just stuck in traffic jam. Once you start being jealous about your online girlfriend, you start losing her. Be patient for a woman, otherwise you won’t be able to find a woman who could be your wife or even girlfriend.

Being jealous, being rude, asking strange questions and talking about intimate things – these are four direct ways out of relations. You won’t have a chance to get something back if the girl blocks you and adds to a black list. Another way to lose your online girlfriend is being always grumpy. Usually a man in online dating is much older than a woman. So, he is more experienced and he is quite grumpy as a result. But you have to put on a mask of being joyful guy in order to become someone’s boyfriend.

What words and phrases can ruin relations?

If we talk about online conversation, there are hundreds of phrases which could ruin everything. There is a huge advantage of talking online – you have some time to think. Before you write something and send it to a girl, check it twice. Subconsciously you understand women’s psychology, but sometimes you just don’t want to think about it. Make an effort and get rid of all those unnecessary phrases which could offend your woman or put her in some inconvenient situation. That’s vital for success in online dating.

Here are some simple rules to check your message:

  1. No rude words. Check if you can use some soft language instead of those rude words you used in your first edition of a message.
  2. No hints. Women sometimes can’t understand hints and some strange humor. It’s OK if you talk in real life, you can explain it to her. But in a chat it’s a bad thing.
  3. No offensive language. Make sure you use only good language in order to get the message to your woman. Otherwise she just won’t talk to you.
  4. No bad words about kids. That’s strange, but a lot of men don’t love kids and always want to tell that to their future girlfriends. Keep it a secret forever. Girls don’t love men who don’t love kids.
  5. No teaching. If you start teaching your online girlfriend, she will feel miserable with you and will just find another guy to talk to. Don’t use a teacher tone in your communication.

Are you sure you don’t want to check it twice before sending? Then just quit it now. Your messages will still be full of bad language and bad tone until you edit them. And even after editing sometimes bad things remain in there. Read through every message after you typed it. This will help you get away from some bad difficulties which can actually ruin your relationship online. By the way, correct grammar and spelling will also play important role in your communication.

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Reward for being a really good guy

If you stick to the rules which were given in this article, you will probably get a reward – a nice girlfriend, and probably not even one. We know men who talk to a dozen of girls and even have strong relations with some of them. They don’t only speak online but also meet in real life and spend wonderful vacations in some warm tropical countries. Yes, the truth is you need to change yourself from being a grumpy guy into always joyful and easy-going person. But the reward is absolutely worth it. We doubt that someone could resist having such a girlfriend as on next video:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform

Verdict: what to do to have a girl online?

We keep building a strong base of information which aims to help you find your real love online without getting hooked by all those gold-diggers and fraud sites. We’ve been working in the sphere for long and can provide you with all needed information. Also we can recommend websites for dating online, if you need our recommendation. Just write a comment to one of our articles in order to get access to resources which are full of real profiles of young Slavic girls. We believe that you will appreciate this. But don’t forget about the simple rules which were given in the article above!

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