What to do on a first date with a lady from Ukraine or Russia?

Sometimes the first date with a woman is an exciting moment and you have to show a lot in order to get attention of the beautiful creature. Americans usually go on a first date to some restaurant, Europeans take their girls to theatres and operas. What would work with a girl who comes from Ukraine or Russia? These two nationalities show really similar features in questions off first dates. Let’s talk about that and get to know wonderful ideas for a great evening together.

At first you need to think of a girl who is going to come on a date with you. Everything counts here: age, appearance, interests, hobbies, job. You can ask her out to sit in an expensive restaurant and she won’t feel good. You may go to an expensive show and she won’t understand it. You have to think more and find some ways of making this special evening more extraordinary and bright.

Romantic ways are the best ones

The more romantic feelings you show during a date, the less troubles you have after that. Ukrainian girls like romantic guys and they are ready to skip some other bad features of character, but they want you to be very romantic. It’s not enough to bring three simple flowers. Think of how you can present them in an extraordinary way. Try to find some flowers which you’ve never seen before. Or you may try to invent a story and make the flower presenting as a fairy-tale for her.

There are some other ideas, too:

  • be smiling and don’t show any grumpy emotions – you’ll be rewarded for your good mood;
  • be the first one to propose light and simple topics for conversation (they should be positive);
  • forget about politics and never talk with women about that filthy topic again;
  • don’t even think of any kinds of compliments that may come too far for the first date;
  • take the girl to some place which is very important for you, that will melt her heart;
  • tell her stories from your life, don’t ask too many questions, but still give her time for talking, too;
  • make sure you tell her about her beautiful dress or great make-up but don’t go too far with compliments.

Once you push a little bit harder than it’s allowed, the girl will think you try to skip all romantic periods of relationships and go to the main part of it. Don’t try to rush. It also works with online chatting. When you speak to a girl from Ukraine or Russia, you shouldn’t hurry up. Show that you are quite a romantic person, but also keep under the line of being too soft and sweet. You still have to remain a real man and show your strength in some questions.

What does a Ukrainian girl need from a man?

That’s another tricky question to answer. Make sure you understand her needs. Analyze some points: why did she agree to go to a date with you, why does she want a husband from another country? There are plenty more questions to make you prepared for the date. After you find answers, just try to understand what kind of man she wants to see around. Usually Ukrainians are family oriented. So you shouldn’t tell bad things about being a parent, building a family, getting married. If you have strong oppositions to these, just keep silent about that.

A girl wants to be loved, and that’s why she tries to find a real man. In Slavic countries there are not so many men who can be real defenders and show their feelings for a girl.

But you also have to beware of building up some unreal image of yourself. Be yourself on a first date, but keep to the rule of not telling the things she won’t be glad to hear.

Also pay attention to work and business questions. Ukrainian girls will want to know how much you earn and what your job is. It’s not that they are mercantile, but they want to be sure that their future husband can maintain the future family and buy everything for kids. So, you may even start the topic of salaries by yourself.

Be a real defender and a big support

There is a huge trouble with Ukrainian and Russian women who don’t get support of their boyfriends and husbands. You have to change that image of an average man. In Ukraine men are usually self-centred and they won’t think of woman’s wishes and life goals. If you only show that you are interested in her hobbies, job and other things, you’ll get more chances to conquer a girl.

There are some things which can help you do that:

  • show that you can maintain a family by yourself, and she can develop herself as she wants;
  • give her hints that you are an up-to-date guy and you won’t lock her at home with kids;
  • show your support for her hobbies, tell her ideas of how to develop in those spheres;
  • don’t laugh when she tells about herself and opens her soul, otherwise you’ll have troubles;
  • be the man for her – pay in cafes, buy ice-cream, give her a hand when she gets out of taxi;
  • show that you can defend her if it’s needed, but don’t get in any kinds of fights.

These are quite simple and usual recommendations that will work if your girl belongs to Ukrainian society. Sometimes you look at a girl and she seems to be very independent, proud of herself. But inside she is a vulnerable creature and she wants to hear that you’ll be the man for her. But don’t talk much about that. Better show that you can protect her and give a great chance to develop in whatever spheres she likes.

Personal questions are taboo at first

Until you know each other well better avoid personal questions. You shouldn’t ask her about ex-boyfriends, wishes to marry, preferences in bed whatever. She won’t understand if you start asking about her family, parents. Better ask her about childhood, hobbies, profession, traveling, motivations in life. Also you aren’t expected to make any important decisions on a first date. Just keep dating her in order to learn each other well. After a month or two she’ll be ready to open more. But until the girl starts asking you questions, you shouldn’t try to get any personal details.

Things to do on a first date

  1. Cinema. In Ukraine people love going to cinemas and they still don’t do it too often. Tickets are quite expensive (if you compare them with average salary).
  2. Small cute café. You may sit there for hours and drink coffee and tea while talking and learning new things about each other.
  3. Parks. The cheapest thing to do is to go walking in the parks. Usually Ukrainian women love walking on the fresh air and they won’t resist it.
  4. Restaurant. But make sure it’s not the exclusive and expensive restaurant which can make your girl shy or lead to awkward situations.
  5. Special place. You may take your woman to your special place which is important to you. Picnic on the fresh air will be a great idea there.

Verdict: what to do on a first date with Ukrainian woman?

Russians and Ukrainians are quite shy and sometimes unpredictable. You shouldn’t try to make the first date extraordinary and unique in all ways. Just keep it real, reveal your emotions, don’t try to build up some mythical image. Also you will have to pay for a girl, it’s a strong tradition in Ukraine. If you ask her to come to your country, then propose your ideas for your first date. If you come to Ukraine, then you may ask her to propose a place to go. Sometimes it’s very important to listen to your woman and understand what she really wants.

By the way, you may ask some beautiful girls out. Watch this one:

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