Where to find real Ukrainian brides?

When a person gets single, he or she really wants to find a good partner. But the trouble is that 70% of all dating market in internet seems to be fraud. It’s really hard to find real websites with real profiles and really those women who want to marry. Sometimes it’s even worse than you can imagine. Probably such apps as Tinder are OK for someone, but usually the relations of that kind don’t last log. It all became a way to communicate and entertain, but not a way to find a husband or wife.

And again, when it comes to Ukrainian ladies, there couldn’t be any kinds of apps because they don’t work for foreigners. Though, you can find dozens of websites which propose access to profiles of real brides. Today we’ll discuss all possible ways which a foreigner may use to get acquainted with a Ukrainian single lady. Let’s start with the most obvious ones.

Social networks – things to be careful about

The most obvious ways to meet a Ukrainian single woman is to go to social networks. You may use Facebook or Instagram, currently these are the most popular websites of their kind in Ukraine. The idea is very simple: you create a profile or use your own, find Ukrainian beautiful women by using a special filter and then start chatting with some of them. There are advantages of this method – it’s absolutely free and you can browse pictures of women before writing messages to them.

But still there are loads of possible troubles:

  • there are plenty of fake accounts, usually girls try to ask some money from you by describing bad life situations;
  • fake pictures – hundreds of accounts on Facebook are specially made to invite people to communicate in paid platforms;
  • gold-diggers – there are hundreds of married women who create an image of singles and try to earn money from foreigners;
  • no obligations – you may fly to Ukraine and then lose touch with the girl who invited you to the country;
  • crime – there were situations where mafia used accounts with beautiful pictures to invite rich people to Ukraine and to rob them near airports.

So, it’s quite dangerous to communicate with girls on Facebook or other social networks. You can never check if you really speak with a girl who is single and would like to marry or even to meet you. But we have to say that nearly 50% of foreigners now choose this way of communication. It’s quite popular because it’s completely free. Of course, there are dangerous points to remember and be careful.

Why not Tinder?

Well, there are a lot of profiles on Tinder which present Ukrainian ladies who try to find a boyfriend. Haven’t you thought why they don’t write something like “10 000 km from you”? They are all fake profiles with no chance to find a real girl. Actually, Ukrainians don’t know what Tinder is and they don’t have any analogs of it. Sounds like a start-up idea, doesn’t it? So, it’s really dangerous to search for girls from Ukraine via Tinder or any other website of its kind.

Just flying to Ukraine and searching for a girl

Be careful with this idea. There are actually two kinds of girls in this country. The first type presents calm and honest ladies who can really blossom if there is a wonderful man near them. Other type presents gold-diggers who just want to take money from you. How? In different ways. One of possible ideas is to poison you near some beach in Odessa and take all your credit cards, cash and even documents. Those ladies are hunting for men from other countries.

If you decide to go to Ukraine and find a girl, then remember such principles:

  • don’t be too easy to trick with, make sure you meet a real lady;
  • be careful with crime zones in cities, foreigners aren’t welcomed there;
  • rent a car – you’ll find any kinds of local transport dangerous and disgusting;
  • find a translator who can help you in any life situations;
  • make sure you have all documents all the time with you, but don’t carry much cash;
  • don’t tell your girlfriends in Ukraine where you are from and how much you earn;
  • get 3-4 dates before you start inviting the lady to your rented flat, otherwise you may have troubles;
  • get to know the girl really well in order to understand her real purpose of communicating with you.

To say the truth, it’s much more comfortable to fly to Ukraine if you have a friend there. Such person could show you things in the city, explain how it all works there, and also introduce you to some good girls who will never have in mind to rob you or something like that. But if you don’t have a good friend there, you better choose some other way to meet a woman. If you get into trouble, local police will do close to nothing to help you.

You can read more in our article which tells about traveling to Ukraine.

Ukrainian dating websites – how to choose?

Here we have another option of how to get to know a girl really well before going to Ukraine or inviting her to come to your country. These are video chat websites which provide access to profiles of real brides. Those women come to agencies and apply for being a future bride. After they come through a process of verification and an interview, they create profiles and start chatting with men from all over the world. Usually they speak English quite well or at least you can understand them. Men pay for getting access to these websites, but actually the fee is small enough.

Dating websites have a lot of pluses:

  1. Verified girls. Every girl has to show her passport in order to be registered as a bride. Special workers of websites verify her profile pictures/videos and compare them with passport picture.
  2. Comfortable chatrooms. There are private chatrooms where you can talk secretly, not a single person can read your messages, and that’s important.
  3. Video chatting. You can really see a girl sitting in front of a webcam and typing messages to you, that’s the best verification.
  4. Gift. You can present flowers or any other gift to a girl by using functions of the dating website. This is one of the most popular reasons to register.
  5. Official payment methods. You won’t try to pay with some strange electronic money. Simple card payments are possible.
  6. A huge range. There are thousands of girls, and many more keep appearing every day. You will choose the girls by pictures and then you may speak to them as much as you want.

But be careful! There are websites of total scam and fraud. They just want to take your money and give nothing back. These are fake dating websites and there are plenty of them. If you pay attention to what happens around you on a website, you will admit the fraud after 2-3 days. Read our article about video dating to learn more.

Here are some factors of scam dating websites:

  1. They don’t show you more then 1 picture of a girl’s profile.
  2. There is no video chat option, only texting.
  3. It’s too cheap. Agency has to pay a lot for verification and servers.
  4. It has weird payment methods. It means payment tunnels didn’t approve the service.
  5. There are only model girls. Women in Ukraine are of all ages and all kinds of appearance.
  6. There is no live support. In this case you won’t get help and answers for your questions.

Verdict: how to meet Ukrainian bride and stay alive?

You can see that it’s really dangerous to go to Ukraine or speak to any girl on Facebook. But you have to admit that Ukrainian women deserve such risks. We see dating platforms as the safest and the most comfortable way of meeting your future Ukrainian wife. Whatever you do here, the most dangerous thing is to lose 100 USD. But in other ways you can lose your documents, money, health or even life.

Don’t believe to every platform. Choose the best one in order to stay safe. We propose you to watch a video of one of Ukrainian singles who is now searching for a man. That should motivate you for action:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform.

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