Average income of women in Ukraine and Russia – hard topic

When talking about money Ukrainians and Russians usually try to change topic. The trouble is that the economy of the region is too weak and one can’t see anything positive in tendencies. Average salary of a woman in Ukraine is 6000 Ukrainian hryvnias which equals to slightly more than 200$. In Russia you have to devide Moscow and the rest of the country. In capital city women usually get around 25 000 roubles which is around 400$, but in other cities salaries go down to 18 000 roubles which nearly equals 300$.

As you see, there is nothing positive in average income, so women can’t afford quite a lot in these countries.

Anyway, today we’ll talk more about Ukraine and try to show you the real picture of how girls survive here. We promise, you’ll be shocked with some facts you’ll find out later on.

Where do most Ukrainian ladies work?

It’s a hard question to ask again. There is a huge range of professions that are possible for a woman here, though they usually choose some hard things to do. When you drive a car on Ukrainian roads, it’s a normal thing to see a young girl with a spade in a road-repair brigade. You can also see lots of beautiful creatures on construction works. For example, it’s popular to have a woman control a big construction crane.

Also there are other types of women professions:

  • drivers in trolleybuses – this job is not popular with men, there are some superstitions about it;
  • sellers in small shops – here they need to be loaders, shop-assistants and accountants at once;
  • barbers – it’s absolutely weird to see a man doing any kinds of hairdresser’s work;
  • baristas – all good baristas in Ukraine are girls, they can make a magical cup of coffee for you;
  • doctors – it’s not that rare to see a man in a white robe, though there are much more ladies;
  • teachers – everything which is connected with kids belongs to beautiful women.

Now it’s a crisis with job positions again. You can find a job, but they won’t pay you much. In Ukraine it’s a fourth massive crisis during last 20 years. So, now it’s quite popular to search for a job in any other counties. The most popular destinations are Poland, Germany, Russia, Canada, Israel and the USA.

What about working abroad?

You’ll be shocked, but now 67% of all people who go to work abroad from Ukraine are women. It’s not about men who also get poor salaries in their country but still hold strongly at their job positions. Now nearly 90% of all people, who go to work abroad from Ukraine, go to Poland and earn nearly 600$ a month. They can work for 6 month and then come back home.

Women from Ukraine go to work as loaders, agriculture workers, construction workers, sometimes babysitters. Usually it’s a hard work which sometimes takes up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The rule is simple – you came there to work, so the more you push, the more you get. But still, it’s horrible to imagine how much power a woman needs to keep going under such pressure.

Are there women who earn more?

Of course, there is a big amount of successful ladies who earn their money and feel great in their motherland. It’s about top-managers, IT-specialists, private tutors in rare languages, businesswomen. But it’s only about 10% of all people who really get solid salary. Actually, it’s still not that big. A successful lady with her own small business will earn around 1200$ a month.

There are some ways to earn more for every girl:

  • go to find a second job with flexible hours;
  • sell her pictures or act in ad videos as a model;
  • try to find a husband in other country;
  • learn some internet profession and get another job;
  • change the career or even try to emigrate to other country.

Actually, there are polls currently which say that average Ukrainian woman (among those who aren’t married and don’t have kids) nearly 70% are thinking of leaving the country forever. Last years 20% of women aged 18-40 went to work abroad and tried to get documents for permanent living in other countries. These figures are huge and they really show how the things are with women satisfaction in Ukraine nowadays.

What can be done with a low income?

It’s not only about girls getting small salaries. We can say that men in Slavic countries still earn more on average than women, but the difference is very small. So, it’s not about disloyalty towards a fair sex, but about country’s economics. There are plenty of resources which could bring money to Ukraine and provide a lot of new jobs with big salaries. But there should be different political situation for that.

By the way, you may see how Ukrainians treat and appreciate women by looking at political range. Among 450 main deputies in Parliament only 9 are women! It’s nonsense in any civilized country. A woman has never been a President of Ukraine. Actually, among mayors of the cities there are only 4-5 women among all men society. It’s a pity that Ukrainians don’t appreciate their treasure.

What’s in Russia with women’s salaries?

The situation here is even heavier. You won’t see women at top management positions, politically important jobs. It comes from history and mentality, because only men have been building the country for last 150 years (and you can clearly see that the process of building hasn’t been successful).

There are such things you would percept as horrible:

  • men earn 25% more money on the same positions as women in the same companies;
  • pensions of old ladies are much smaller than those of old men;
  • the paid period of maternity leave is 4 month, than you get fired;
  • there are no solid payments for a small child, young mothers have to work hard;
  • women are seen as family budget managers and are blamed for everything (though, there is no solid budget at all);
  • men spend 30-40% of their salaries in bars which actually kills society.

Russian ladies are quite hard-working, but they really lack confidence and self-esteem. If you chat with one of them, try to give her feeling of confidence and make her believe in herself. Then there won’t be any kinds of obstacles for her in life.

Of course, women from Ukraine and Russia are desperately seeking husbands from other countries in order to live a normal life.

Here is one example of a girl seeking a husband-foreigner:

Video author: Love-Temptation dating platform.

Emigration – why is it a good chance for girls?

Actually girls from Slavic countries tend to be determined and they love work. So in Europe or the USA they quickly go up the career ladder and find themselves on the top in just 2-3 years. In Russia or Ukraine they stick to one place and don’t develop. So every girl with ambitions in life wants to leave her country and to taste different life.

If you fall in love with such girl, just be confident to propose to her. You’ll see that it’s quite easy to turn her to your loving wife who will also be an active member of your family. Be brave enough and you can change the life of one of those beauties.

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