Dating and marriage tours to Russia and Ukraine – safety rules

Many people from all around the Globe really want to marry a Russian or Ukrainian girl. They are ready for everything in order to get such marriage and find great options to continue life being surrounded by love and passion. Fr this men often buy special tours which are aimed at single men and present possibility to find a wife in these countries. Be careful with that option as it may be dangerous for you.

While some companies make everything to provide your safety and give access to real profiles of Ukrainian and Russian single ladies, others want to cheat you and get your money. We’ve heard of situations when such marriage tours lead to big robs and left people in other country without a dollar in their pockets. You’ll be lucky if you are from the US or the UK and your embassy will try to help you. But what if not?

What are all these dating tours about?

The dating or marriage tour starts long before you actually go to other country. First you need to find ladies who you wish to visit, For this you use dating website with video chat and other communication options, look at ladies and make up your opinion about them. Usually men try to find lots of options in order to meet with 3-4 girls during ne tour. By this you’ll be safe and will surely find a girl you’ll like. Only after that you order a tour which isn’t anything like an ordinary tourist tour.

These are services you are offered during dating tour:

  1. Informational support. Don’t you think that visiting a Slavic country will be a pleasant and easy experience? These are countries of insecurity and you can get into different situations where you will need support and help.
  2. Transfers. You can order additional services for transferring from airport to hotel and also to any other points. Also agencies can help you with renting a car or finding a driver with a car for driving you during your stay in Russia or Ukraine.
  3. Documents. Sometimes citizens of other countries need a visa to enter Russia or Ukraine. If it’s true for your country, just get support. Without a proper support you are likely to get troubles in foreign country.
  4. Girls. Actually, you shouldn’t be too confident that you could possible find girlfriends in Ukraine or Russia just by coming here and going to clubs. It’s more likely that you won’t find anyone and leave home soon.
  5. Accommodation. Are you willing to live in a normal flat or in a hotel room with no problems? Then you probably should use support service. The agency will find everything for you and will really make you happy with that.
  6. Any needed help. Some agencies just give you a phone number of a person who can help you with any troubles. Once you bump into a strange situation, you just phone him or her and solve any possible problems. Of course, it’s a great idea.

If you are going to Ukraine with no support, you are likely to have problems with a lot of things. Remember that the countries of former Soviet Union aren’t that friendly to foreigners. And you can easily get into jail just by breaking some freaky rules. Also it’s quite possible to get into troubles with robbers or whatever. Any kinds of interactions with police in Russia can have unknown effects. Don’t you want to be deported to your home country without any chances to come back to Russia in the next 10 years? Then you need support in organizing a tour.

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Fraud in Ukraine and Russia – get safe!

In these countries you are likely to meet fraud at every corner. People here just want your money, they don’t need anything else. In order to be safe and find optimal services for optimal money you need to have some support. Agency workers will organize accommodation for you in checked rooms and apartments and you will pay only the needed sum of money. Also car rentals will be organized at huge international services without hidden extra payments. You will meet real brides, not gold-diggers.

In order to have such services just pay attention to real agencies. Fraud is everywhere, even marriage agencies can be fake ones if you don’t search for optimal variants. Trusted companies and checked services with good customer reviews are the only chance to get really fair services in these countries. Otherwise fraud will take all your money and send home with nothing.

How to organize a tour and get ready for it?

If you are planning a quick tour to Slavic countries, get a lot of information. At first you need to understand who you are going to date there. Girls in these countries aren’t likely to get acquainted with foreign guys on the streets, so you better plan your dates before going. So, find girlfriends and plan your trip to different cities. You can use public transport like trains r local planes, but better rent a car in order to see more and to understand what kind of country you are visiting.

Also pay attention to such points:

  • take some cash with you, you aren’t likely to find a lot f places to withdraw dollars or euros here without a huge commission;
  • think about rentals before you depart, there aren’t that many flats with fair prices to rent in Ukrainian cities;
  • tell your acquainted girls that you come to their country and find much more ideas to do and ask for possible support;
  • use maps in internet to look for some interesting places to visit – these countries aren’t that touristy and bright;
  • pay attention to restaurants to organize dates – you can ask your agency to do that if you have an organized tour.

By having an organized tour you will be glad to get much more interesting emotions from your trip. There won’t be lots of things to worry about and to keep your mind at. Even the dates will be organized if you don’t want to do it by yourself. Agencies are always in contact with their girls, so you won’t get a surprise when you come to a restaurant and your girl doesn’t.

Such organized trips will give you much more than you expect to have. Of course, they will cost you money, because a lot of people will work to make your stay in Slavic countries better and more comfortable. But you’ll pay this money for real service which will make you safe.

Are there any checked companies?

Organized tours to Ukraine or Russia are hard to buy in tourist agencies. You better try to do that in marriage agencies. For example, you can easily get this service in Love-Temptations which is our partner and well-reviewed agency. It’s a service which works under all needed licenses and offers much more than you would really need. Also this service is quite safe for people from any countries.

If you are going to visit Ukraine or Russia, find yourself a partner that will support you in all difficult situations. You’ll also find other services which will comfort you during a stay in any Slavic country. Want yourself a wife? Try to get much more from life by dating a woman from Russia or Ukraine!

As a bonus we propose you to watch a video of one girl who is currently looking for husband:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform

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