Does age difference affect relationships with women from Ukraine?

There is a total problem of age difference in close relationships which may go to marriage. Once dating becomes more serious, people start thinking of probable troubles with living together. Sometimes it scares the man, who is usually older, and leads to a lot of different thoughts. And if this age difference is not important during dating, it still affects marriage, and there are no hesitations about it.

Today we’ll look at this problem through some experience of online dating and also seeing people getting married after such dating. We’ve seen couples with 15 years age gap having great relationships, we’ve been on weddings where the bridegroom was over 60 and married a 32 year old girl. We’ll try to figure out if it’s OK to try and find a girl who is much younger than you. But pay attention: we only speak about Slavic women.

What’s acceptable gap when marrying a woman?

An American girl would say that 5-7 years is appropriate gap, no one actually wants more in Western counties. Though, Ukrainians are much more loyal to age question and they put this factor much less important than being really loved and happy. So, age gaps when dating might come to 25-30 years, and girls feel OK in this situation, they don’t really mind that. Getting married is a little bit different. Usually young girls try to see how they will look like with their husband. So too much of a difference might scare them, too.

Though, there are such factors to remember:

  • the happiest couples in Ukraine and Russia are those with 12 years age gap;
  • there are 10% of all couples with age difference of 20-25 years in relationship, and they are successful;
  • girls look more at how their husband can protect them, give financial support, how he treats children;
  • there are more soul questions like love and warmth than age questions and that saves you from marrying same-age woman;
  • even elderly people over 70 get married and find themselves in a happy family after years of being lonely;
  • many of couples with big gap live in Ukraine or Russia, they don’t tend to relocate after getting married.

So, it’s very hard to say what a good and acceptable age difference in relationship is. Probably up to 10 years is absolutely OK, it’s not a big and visible gap to think about. If it’s more, it totally depends on two people who form the couple. Very often a girl wouldn’t protest against marrying a man who is much older. That’s one reason why Ukrainian dating websites and online services for finding a wife are so popular nowadays between men from the US and other countries.

Examples of couples with the biggest age difference

When we were running a website for finding Ukrainian and Russian brides, we saw a tendency that couples with a gap are happier and live longer together. For a man it’s important to have a beautiful housewife who would love him. And for a girl it’s great that she found a person to talk to and to live with. Usually large age gap couples are not only happier than other ones, they also get married faster.

Here are some examples:

  1. Peter (62) and Anna (30). A huge difference isn’t disturbing this young married couple. They have 2 kids from Anna’s previous marriage and are happy together. Recently they went to live in Thailand from Kyiv in order to have rest from business.
  2. Jack (58) and Lidia (44). 14 years of age gap didn’t scare Lidia when Jack proposed her to be his wife. Now they are having a child and preparing to go to the US for permanent living.
  3. Nigel (71) and Svitlana (50). This couple is happy to live in Ukraine for 4 years now. They found new friends, Svitlana learned English and gave up her job. It’s completely enough for them to live a normal life spending Nigel’s pension money.
  4. Sean (44) and Marina (28). Young and beautiful Marina is pregnant now and expects her baby soon. Sean left his business in the UK and went to live in Ukraine, opened a restaurant here. They are living happy life and have lots of friends here.

We can continue naming couples who are completely happy with what they’ve got. Of course, it’s obvious that sometimes 12-13 age gap in marriage can be huge. But with Ukrainian girls it’s impossible. They are loyal, loving, tender and can make an old man feel power inside.

Just look at video of one of the girls who is searching for a husband right now:

Video author: Love-Temptation dating platform

What about ageing? Will it become worse?

Lots of men are afraid that they are ageing too fast and changing their appearance. But in our article about Ukrainian girls we wrote that these creatures don’t pay much attention to appearance of a man they are going to date. They love it when man shows his masculine features, is confident and is dressed well. But you can do that even when you are 80 years old! Don’t miss a chance and become the happiest man in the world just by finding a wonderful wife.

You will regret it if you won’t get a chance. Also imagine that while you will be looking for a wife, you’ll be dating dozens of wonderful young girls who are willing to marry you. It’s very pleasant and it’s hard to write about such emotions. You have to try in order to get a full answer for yourself: is it bad or good to have an age gap?

List of questions to answer before:

  1. Do you understand that girls in Ukraine are much different than those in the US, Germany or France?
  2. Are you ready to relocate? Not all girls from Slavic countries would love to go away from their mothers and fathers. Read our article about going to Ukraine.
  3. Do you feel confident? You should, because otherwise you won’t get a chance to impress your girl and make her some compliments while dating.
  4. What kind of relationship do you really want? Are you willing to create a family? Or just dating will be enough?
  5. Do you feel like you are ready to give up all bad thoughts about age difference and dive into a wonderful world of dating with young ladies?
  6. What kind of a woman do you want to have? They may be very different, and it’s not only about age.

Verdict: is it OK to marry a younger woman?

So, are you still sure that 10 years age difference between couples is too much for dating? Then read the article once more and understand that your age isn’t a bad side anymore. You have to see that girls aren’t searching for young boys who can’t give them anything but good appearance. If you want to remain good-looking, keep doing some sport, be fit, get good clothes and behave like a real man should.

These features will magnet a good girl for you. Even with huge age gaps people get married and feel wonderful. Happiness isn’t about being young, it’s about being loved by your loved person. It’s so easy, that you’ll be shocked after getting married.

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