Moving to Ukraine for permanent living – it that a good idea?

The world becomes a smaller place and now we can live wherever we want. Access to internet gives possibilities to work from any country and to stay in touch with friends. So, now it’s quite popular to “downsize”. It means to go to quite poor countries where 1000$ a month is a fortune. If a man has his own flat in the US, UK or Germany, for example, he can give it for rent and live for that money without any troubles in Ukraine.

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There is one more important point about moving to Ukraine. Here you’ll find the most beautiful girls from all around Eastern Europe. Are you tired of feministic ugly women who want to be man-like and independent? That’s another great reason to give it all up and come to Ukraine. There are still a lot of things to say in order to prevent unconscious decisions. Let’s do it quickly.

Pros of coming to Ukraine for permanent living

On average, 70% of men who come to live in Ukraine for a long period of time are single and they try to find love here. Ukraine is a country where women are still woman-like, they possess natural warmth and tenderness, they can give you as much love as you can take. So, women in this country are number one plus of all possible ideas. And they attract more and more men from all over the world. Keep in mind that girls would better go to some other country, they don’t like the idea to stay here. Though, if you provide normal family budget, it will be OK.

Also let’s think of other pros:

  • prices for flats here are much lower than in any other European country, even in Kyiv you may buy a flat for 40 000$;
  • renting a flat is very cheap, a great apartment in a big city would cost you probably 400$ per month;
  • electricity and heating bills as well as water bills are quite moderate – that’s maximum 100$ a month on average during a year;
  • nature is really great – there are hundreds of places in Central Ukraine only that you would like to visit;
  • cuisine is wonderful, every woman can cook, so you’ll be treated with homemade dishes which will charm you;
  • some cities are quite beautiful, but be careful when choosing a small town to live, they can be a bit depressive sometimes.

Majority of people who come to live in Ukraine, choose Kyiv (Kiev) as their final destination. But the capital city is now not in its best condition. It’s quite dirty, public transport is poor, traffic is huge. There are options around Kyiv to live in and come to capital for its wonderful nightlife. You can also try to live in Lviv which is quite authentic city, Odessa which is on the sea shore. There are plenty of middle-sized cities which are great, too. But small towns are usually bad-looking and too calm.

Women in Ukraine – the first advantage

Number one plus of going to this country is beautiful girls. Every woman here owns her own charisma, her beauty can only be described by classic poems. Men in European countries and also in the US are tired of women who are absolutely not beautiful and they always want men to treat them like queens. Here a woman will only require constant attention and small presents as signs of your love. The combination of wonderful appearance and astonishing personality creates something really cool here. If you once date a Ukrainian woman, you will never come back to dating women in your own country, that’s for sure. Read our article about girls in Ukraine to learn more.

Let’s watch a video of one of the girls from a dating website:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform

Many business spheres to develop in

If you tried to open your own business in the USA or Germany, you probably know how difficult it is. You have to pay much tax, keep updated with all new laws and pay huge rent payments, salaries, electricity bills. It’s not like that in Ukraine at all. Business here isn’t that popular kind of earning money, everyone tries to work as employee. So, opening your own business here has huge potential.

Here are some factors of why it will be successful:

  1. Rent payments are as low as for a simple flat, you won’t spend much money to start a shop or an office.
  2. Taxes are very low and simple to pay, you can find an accountant who will help you with all the bureaucratic papers for 50$ per month.
  3. You can earn up to 40 000$ a year by paying only 50$ a month tax – that’s unique feature of Ukrainian business laws.
  4. There are plenty of spheres you can develop your business in, it’s very easy to find them out while just walking around cities.
  5. Some businesses can even apply for government support and get free taxes or other privileges in order to develop faster.
  6. Foreigners make more successful business as they see ideas from their own countries and develop them here.
  7. Salaries are as low as 300-400$ a month, people are glad to get such amount of money, so you will find employees easily.

It’s now employment crisis in Ukraine. People earn not a lot of money and they are glad to change their job at any moment. So, after opening a business you can invite professionals from other companies just by offering them more money. It still will be very low salary. Businesses in sphere of IT are very popular here, because Ukrainians now have IT professions in every university, and there are rally lots of good specialists to choose from.

Are there any bad points about living in Ukraine?

Well, there are certainly some minuses about coming to live in Ukraine. You should understand that it’s a bad idea to go to a poor town and try to organize life there. Even if you choose a capital city, no one can guarantee great start for you. One thing to tell is that you can go to Ukraine for some reason or you can just come here and try to understand what to do here. It’s better to come for some reason, for example, it can be a good girl who you already know. Then your stay in Ukraine will be much more interesting.

Here are some bad sides of living permanently in Ukraine:

  • you won’t get normal public transport in any city around here, traveling is quite a hard thing;
  • food is expensive in Ukraine, you’ll spend at least 500$ for two people to buy normal products;
  • clothes are expensive and of bad quality, there are few chain stores of well-known brands;
  • buying a car here is too expensive, the used vehicles cost like new ones, there are special custom payments for them;
  • traveling between cities on planes is nearly impossible, there are few airlines and flights;
  • going to restaurant can be dangerous, there are many bad restaurants which don’t care about quality of food.

You have to be careful with some things in Ukraine. For example, there are some districts in big cities which have huge level of crime. If you go there and try to ask people for direction in English, there could be problems. Robberies are OK in such districts and the cops won’t do anything for you.

One more trouble is that people speak only Ukrainian and Russian language. There are 10-15% of people who understand English and can help you with some things. You have to learn at least some very important things in Russian in order to ask for help if you are lost or need some support.

Verdict: is it a good idea to come and live in Ukraine?

You can’t say for sure that it’s a good or a bad idea. Though, there are things which can be called bad here. People don’t speak English, food is expensive. But you have to look at girls, cuisine, nature, prices for flats and so on. Here are hundreds of good things to remember. Ukrainian women are family-oriented, so if you really want a wife who’ll give birth to your kids, then just come to Ukraine and find yourself a bride.

You better start with dating girls on special websites. Try video chats on dating platforms in order to get to know some girls. When you come to Ukraine, you’ll have a lot of support and ideas of how to spend your time here. It’s only for you to decide, if it’s a good idea to come and live in Ukraine.

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