Russian women and marriage – why are they great for it?

To marry a woman from Russia may be a real desire of a man throughout the world. Men all over the planet every day search this possibility in different websites and try to find the girl who could become their wife. Finding brides in Russia isn’t that easy. We’ve already made a lot of articles about the process of finding a wife in this region. For example, read our article about finding and dating Ukrainian girls online.

But today we’ll speak purely about Russian girls and their advantages in marriage. You need to know something about the country in order to understand why the women from here try to find husbands abroad. Today we’ll tell about it and also will look at girls from Russia as at possible wives for a man from overseas. Let’s discuss it and clear the points why Russian women are best for marriage.

Russian ladies and marriage – why is it so hard?

You will be shocked if you get to know that a German woman is searching for a husband somewhere else but not in Europe and even not in Germany. But we take it with no problems when we see that a Russian lady is looking for a husband in English speaking countries. You need to understand the reasons why these girls do such things. Then you’ll probably have less questions about it.

The original reasons are as follows:

  • these girls don’t get really masculine and responsible men to build a family with, that’s a huge trouble for them;
  • financially stable life is impossible with men from Russia who barely earn to maintain themselves;
  • Russian men don’t want babies, it’s quite a big burden for their budget, but women want to give birth to kids;
  • the average situation with marriages in Russia is quite hard, lots of couples fall apart after just 1 year of family life;
  • men in Russia don’t appreciate what they have, it’s in their rules to date a girl for years and not to propose her.

As you see, there are many reasons why Russian ladies want to find a real man abroad. They use special websites in order to do this. But such websites should be seen as potential threat to your budget. Look at verified and certified dating services only like Love-Temptation and other websites. These services are maid to provide fair communication between people in different countries. You will probably want to know more about them, and we are preparing a big comparison material currently.

TOP 5 reasons why Russian ladies are great for marriage

In order to prove that we are telling the truth, we’ll provide 5 main reasons to marry a Russian lady. You’ll be shocked with how much you actually missed in your life by not knowing these facts. There shouldn’t be any hesitations that such reasons are working with 95% of Russian ladies who are searching for a husband.

1. They are stunning and beautiful

These wonderful creatures have the most out of world’s beauty. The God gave them such a mixture of wonderful traits that you won’t find more gorgeous girls throughout the planet. Beautiful ladies aren’t sure that they are stunning and that makes them even more magnetic for men.

They are quite shy to understand what kind of beauty they have. If you have never spoken to such girls, it’s now the time to change that lack in your life.

2. They are very kind and family-oriented

You won’t find more family-like people in the world than Russian girls. They really want to create families, give birth to kids. And they are ready to give up the career and have their life fully oriented to family. Can you say that about women from the Western world? It’s impossible.

Also you need to understand that having a girl who cares about family as your wife is very convenient. You’ll always have a tidy house, loving wife, great kids and coziness around you. There aren’t any reasons which could change that feature in Russian girls.

3. They cook great dishes

If you hate eating out and spending hundreds of dollars for those bad meals in the restaurants, Russian lady is just for you. When the girls in Russia are young, they are taught how to cook. Until they are 18 years old, they know everything about cooking and can cook magical dinner with no troubles.

One side of it is that you’ll have wonderful family dinners at home every single evening. The second side is that you’ll stop wasting thousands of dollars to buy food at restaurants. It’s quite a practical thing which can change family budget and even allow you to travel more or to buy things which you have long dreamt of.

4. They are interested in your life

When you talk to Russian girls you won’t bump into egotistical kinds of speeches and monologues. These women are really interested in you and your life, they want you to be really happy and bring joy into your life. That helps men understand that they are loved and cared about, so they feel warmth of the family around them.

Also you don’t need to limit yourself in some kinds of behavior. These ladies understand that you work a lot and have to rest sometimes. At home you’ll feel like at home, so the girl can really change your way of thinking and your attitude to family. There are no things you’ll need to stop doing when becoming a family man.

5. They are wonderful mothers

These women are great wives and unbelievable mothers. They will make everything for their kids and won’t transfer their duties to you. The reason is that Russian ladies love bringing up kids, they don’t see it as a burden. And one more thing – they are ready to give birth to much more kids than average American woman, for example.

That’s why having kids with Russian woman is easy for a man. You won’t get bored with father’s duties and you won’t have dozens of tasks every single day. You’ll only need to maintain the family financially in order to let your wife do everything for children and you. That will be amazing family.

Any more reasons to marry a Russian girl?

You can marry a woman from Russia in order to have a younger wife. Age difference doesn’t bother them much. We wrote about it in our article about age difference in marriage for Slavic women. If you are over 50, it’s still possible to find a young 30-year-old woman in Russia and marry her. It’s never too late to love.

Also you need to remember such things:

  • these women sometimes live in poverty and they will be thankful for maintenance;
  • they are fair with husband, you won’t find her cheating with you;
  • girls in Russia are very sincere, they always tell truth and can’t make it different;
  • these ladies aren’t spoilt by money and luxury life, it’s very important;
  • they are far from feministic views, and that’s vital for a normal family.

So, you need to try and think about it. Probably, Russian girl is your chance to create a happy family. Now it’s time to ruin old views and start living free life which is great and full of wonderful things.

Verdict: should you marry a Russian girl?

Marrying a girl from Russia is the right choice for any man who wants family life. These women won’t need much money or attention. They just need to be loved and to understand that you care about them. Psychologists say that Russian girls are even likely to forgive cheating for one time if you really make them believe that it wasn’t for purpose. If you have a girlfriend from Russia, propose her or at least fly to her and make a surprise.

Bonus! We propose you a personal video of a girl who is searching for foreign husband now:

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