Secrets on how to reject a Ukrainian girl with no side effects

A real man has to be very polite with girls even if he never wants to have relations with them again. You can easily hurt a woman and cause huge troubles with her life. Once you decide to split up, the first thing to do is to find best way to say about it to your girl. The worst thing you can do is to call her or leave a message on an answering machine.

When we talk about Ukrainian girls, it all comes to tears and tragedy. So, there are some steps you need to take in order to reject a girl nicely. Even if you had no serious and long lasting relationship, there is a chance that your girlfriend will be very upset about splitting up with you. Believe us, she already planned your wedding and even knew what names she will give to your children. So be polite and nice at any times.

Why is it hard to split up with a girl from Ukraine?

Men from western world got used to strong women who want to seem even stronger than they really are. And that made us believe that a woman doesn’t need any preparation when you are going to reject her. Be sure that to say such things you need eye to eye, it’s impossible to have success over a phone or voice message. You’ll relieve your feelings, but the girl will be offended and angry with such decision.

Remember such factors of why girls pay so much attention to being rejected:

  • they always plan serious relationship, it’s quite hard for them to lose the dreams at once with no preparation;
  • women usually stick to their relationship with a man, it’s painful even to think about splitting up with him;
  • girls want to be loved, it’s not pleasant to understand that the boyfriend really hasn’t loved you all this time;
  • ladies tend to take responsibility for their relations and they will blame themselves for splitting up with a man;
  • these creatures are too tender and thin, they won’t be comfortable with being rejected even if they don’t love their boyfriend.

You need to think about how to reject a girl without hurting her feelings. If you don’t think about that, there are troubles with your relations. Don’t be selfish and try to make everything comfortable and soft. You won’t take soul comfort unless you provide optimal splitting up for your girl. It’s not only about being a good person. It’s also about being a real man. We have an instinct of protecting our woman, so it’s hard for our soul if we keep offending a woman we dated.

What are the worst ways to split up with a girl?

There are hundreds of ideas which are usually used by teenagers when they want to reject their temporary partner. These ideas are OK for teenagers but they won’t work out well when you are adult. Make sure you know how to maintain comfortable soul condition of your girl and don’t hurt her feelings.

Examples of the worst ways of rejecting a Ukrainian girl could be as follows. You may call her and leave a message over a phone. Even worse is leaving a text message. The worst variant is just to ignore the girl without letting her know that it’s over now. You won’t be OK if you offend your woman by telling her that you reject her in a rude way with bad language or high tone. Make sure you make everything with understanding of her feelings.

Good ideas for rejecting a girlfriend

There are lots of situations when you have to say those unpleasant words to a lady. It means that you’ll need to look into her eyes and tell her things she would never want to hear. It’s not a good thing to do for a girl, but the more you wait, the less happiness you both have in relationship with each other. It’s not too bad if you have to make a short cut like a surgeon does during the operation. But here are some ideas to follow.

Please remember these things:

  1. Be polite and calm. Don’t try to cry, shout, show your emotions. Everything must be quite cold and quick.
  2. Tell things at once. It’s not a good idea to wait and give hints until she understands everything. Be a man, tell her everything in a right way.
  3. Don’t use any offensive words and don’t blame your girl for anything. Your task is to finish the business but not to show that you are right.
  4. First thing to tell is that you don’t want to have any relations with her anymore, but then try to explain why without blaming her in everything.
  5. Don’t leave until you see that your ex-girlfriend is alright and calm. If everything was done correctly, there shouldn’t be deep offenses.
  6. Give your ex-girl a call sometimes. Try to maintain friendly relations and don’t lose touch with her completely.

If you start roaming around the question and giving hints that you want your relations to be over, your woman will understand it but she will also think that you are weak and feminine. So, it’s better to remain the man for her and be brave enough to tell her everything right in her face.

We recommend you to read our article about dating Ukrainian girls and positive sides of it. Probably you won’t need to break up with your lady after that.

What is the right moment to reject a girlfriend?

If you ask a girl, there couldn’t be any right moment to finish relationship. But there are really good and bad moments for doing that. The worst thing is when you understand that everything is falling apart and you see that your Ukrainian lady starts hating you. In such a way you’ll turn out to be a moron after all and will be guilty for everything. So, the right moment is when everything is OK but you see that there is no future in these relations.

There are some signs which could help you decide:

  • you start spending much less time together and start searching for other people to date;
  • both of you don’t want to go to dates, lose interest in each other;
  • the internet relations last more than 1 year, after that it’s impossible to build normal relationships;
  • your woman starts hinting you for marriage but you understand that you don’t want it for sure;
  • you feel that there is no love in your relations, everything is cold and without passion.

These are factors which could tell you that something must be done with relations. It’s quite often that people can understand these signs too late and they suffer because of it. Also be sure that you don’t mix these feelings with a normal crisis in relationships. Sometimes it’s worth visiting psychologist but the trouble is that Ukrainian girls aren’t used to such services. So, sometimes this can only make things worse.

Verdict: is it easy to reject your lady?

For a lot of man it’s something like impossible thing and they continue living with a woman they don’t love. But the life is quite short so you can’t be sure that you won’t regret your actions in 10 years when it’s late to change something. Don’t try to find ways to reject a girl over text. It’s quite hard to use needed words in such a way and not become the worst man in history for your girl. Make sure you don’t offend a lady and try to be friends with her after all. Sometimes it helps in life and brings new opportunities.

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