What should I present for birthday to Ukrainian girlfriend?

Presents are quite important in relations. If you don’t give good presents, a girl will think that you are not generous and she won’t see you as her future husband. When talking about Ukrainian girls, we have to take into consideration that they are absolutely different from women in other countries. They need special presents, and these gifts don’t have to be too expensive. It’s important that they are made with love.

There are hundreds of ideas of what to present for birthday to your Ukrainian girlfriend. But at first we’ll try to understand how to do it if you are far away. You may find variants and they won’t cost much. It all depends on what plans you have for a girl. Your present will show intentions and will speak from your heart. Remember that Ukrainians pay a lot of attention to this factor.

How can you give a present to girl in Ukraine?

One important thing to remember is that girls don’t need too expensive presents. Don’t think of buying her a car or a flat, even if you are going to marry her. Such present will destroy relations and may be dangerous for future. Women in Ukraine aren’t used to getting very expensive gifts and they won’t take them. Maybe later, after you get married, you can propose her to choose some exclusive present like a ring with a huge diamond in it, but not until you are in serious relationships.

You can choose a couple of ways of how to present something:

  • go to Ukraine by yourself and make a surprise, sometimes it’s better to tell your girl that you are going to come;
  • find an acquaintance or a friend who is now in Ukraine, or probably there is some friend of a friend here;
  • send a gift via mail service, you can use FedEX or DHL or other delivery service or even send it via simple post service;
  • find a special website which can do a favor for you and congratulate your woman with her holiday;
  • check if your dating platform has options to choose gifts, sometimes it’s a great idea to save time;
  • buy present in online shop in Ukraine and order delivery to her address, this is the easiest way.

Even if your woman will know about the present before her holiday, it’s quite a good idea to give her a gift. She won’t be glad if you just write her a warm message in a chat. Women in Ukraine love birthdays and love getting small cute gifts. That should be a surprise for her. The more romantic thing you choose, the better. It should also be said that delivery method is important. Better find some agency which can make the congratulation process creative and romantic.

If you decide to go to Ukraine by yourself, read our article about trips to this country.

What are bad ideas for a gift?

There are bad ideas of things to present to a Ukrainian girl. You shouldn’t think of expensive items, as we’ve already said. But we have to understand what you can call expensive. Things that cost over 5000 USD can be called expensive in this sphere. You better not choose an item of outerwear, because it should match with her ideas about fashion and style. Also presenting shoes is a bad idea. Underwear could be seen as transparent hint and can also be declined by a girl. So, be careful with too brave ideas. Don’t go too far from the border of romantic items.

Popular gift ideas for a woman

It’s still a bad idea not to think with your own head and choose a popular item. If you present to your future wife an iPhone X, you have to be careful with such things. She could already have one or she could want another smartphone. Popular present is also a huge bunch of flowers. But you also have to understand that Ukrainian girls are practical. It’s a great idea to present her flowers, but you also have to attach some other present, the bouquet should be as background for the main thing. And also flowers don’t have to be expensive.

Good ideas of romantic presents for Ukrainian ladies

Of course, we also give some hints or spheres which you can use for choosing a great present. Every kind of gift has to be chosen with your heart, not with brain. It should be romantic, beautiful, tender, colorful. Maybe, you’ll choose an accessory for her outfit, probably you will go to a jewelry shop and buy some ring. But it’s very important to keep the price line of your gift quite high, cheap things will only upset your woman.

Ladies would love to get such things:

  • any kind of golden jewelry, try to choose not too expensive and not too cheap things;
  • accessories – a bag or a clutch bag, some purse or other things of the kind would be great;
  • certificate for shopping in some brand store in Ukraine, choose 200-500 USD worth;
  • trip to a resort in some warm country, maybe you can check some preferences during chatting with her;
  • trip to some European city (you may also come to this city and spend some days with her);
  • money on her plastic card so that she could buy whatever she wants (not romantic, but quite good).

Also try to understand what she needs during talking to your girl in a chat. Sometimes they give hints (but never ask directly). Even if they don’t want to say what kind of presents they would love to get, you can ask her some questions and understand what she needs. And again, be careful with too expensive things. There were situations when a man gave a car for his girlfriend’s birthday as a present, but she didn’t want to take it and even stopped communicating with that man.

Final tips to motivate your ideas

  1. Think of romantic presents. It won’t be interesting if she gets a cooker for her birthday even if she really needs one. Try to show your love with the gift.
  2. Look for ready ideas on dating websites. Sometimes you can choose a pack o wonderful presents for a fair price. And that saves your time, too.
  3. Be creative. Ideas for a gift should be new, average present won’t be a great thing to buy. Of course, creative presenting process is also needed.
  4. Don’t think too big. Even if you can afford it, don’t buy too expensive presents, they will destroy your relationship and cause more harm.
  5. Forget about cheap gifts. Ukrainian girls need to see that you are a good prospective husband. Being greedy isn’t the thing that they want to see.
  6. Organize interesting process of giving presents and ask someone to film it or take pictures in order to see the reaction. It will be worth all the money in the world.

Verdict: what kind of present is the best?

We can’t tell you what gift will be the best for your girl. It’s quite an individual factor to think about. It’s not always expensive, but usually it’s not cheap. It shouldn’t be with any sexual hints or with vulgar sense. The present must be compact and beautifully packed. Also creative mind is inseparable thing of a good gift. Pay attention to some ready-to-buy packages which might be the best solutions if you don’t have much time for making everything by yourself. Whatever you choose for a present, make sure it suits your girl. These are the main factors to consider.

And finally decide if you would like to make such girl happy with a present:

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