Why do Ukrainian women make best wives?

Hundreds of years people from all over the world dispute about best women for marriage. Recently internet polls came to the conclusion that Slavic countries are now in TOP-5 destinations for finding a future wife. Ukraine holds solid first place among these countries, and there are big reasons for that. Why do Ukrainian ladies make world’s best wives? We’ll try to answer this tricky question today.

Let’s also make it clear: we just rely on polls and opinions of specialists and also use dating websites’ statistics in order to answer the question. If you don’t agree with what’s written below, just skip the article until you see a comment form. We’ll be glad to read your opinion. So, let’s start.

Ukrainian wife

The most loving women are Ukrainians

Ladies from this country are living in conditions that are hard to call optimal for happiness. Average salary of a woman here is 200 USD per month, and that is a salary of a teacher, an accountant, a nurse… And still if you go along a busy street in the evening, you’ll see smiling beautiful faces and the eyes full of love. You won’t find more tenderness in any other nationality.

Why it happens? Modern generation of girls inherited such way of life from their mothers and grandmothers. Ukrainians knew how to love when they were in periods of war, in economic disasters, under Soviet Union, under corrupted presidents. They didn’t care much about the troubles and learned how to love under those hard circumstances. So, if you give a modern girl from Ukraine nice conditions to live, you’ll get a really loving wife who’ll be glad to please you with her smile every single day.

Family connections are the most important

One more thing to say is that girls from Ukraine are fully family oriented. Partially it also comes as a point of their mentality, though it has something to do with life conditions, too. Family is traditional thing in this country, and lady’s happiness is associated with husband and kids. So, a girl would be glad to marry a person who can make a good husband.

Also there are such factors to remember:

  • these beautiful creatures want to give birth to babies, and they don’t limit themselves to just one kid;
  • it’s in their psychology to do everything for keeping their family happy, it’s a unique feature;
  • there are no feministic deviations in Ukrainian society, so a girl will know that husband is the one who makes decisions;
  • from the early childhood these ladies watch their mothers telling them that family and kids are the key of happiness;
  • it’s strongly believed that a girl should marry and deliver her first kid until she turns 30.

Family is still important feature here, and you can simply compare it to family relations in the USA or Germany, for example. So if you want a woman who will give birth to your babies and fight for your love, it’s 100% should be a Ukrainian lady.

Good shape is a strong fashion trend

There are many nationalities which don’t care about appearance. Though, it’s quite an important feature for every man when choosing a future wife. Simple test:

There are two girls walking in front of you on the street. One is slim and sporty, has wonderful muscles, skinny legs and thin waste. She wears short skirt and tight top. The other weighs around 200 lbs., wears untidy big clothes and eats a sandwich on the go. Which girl would you watch more at?

In Ukraine it’s now a tradition for ladies to attend gyms, swimming pools, light athletic centers. They keep fit and look gorgeous. Being fat is abnormal here, so every woman makes everything possible to get rid of that excessive weight. It’s one more point why video dating with Ukrainian girls becomes more and more popular these days. It’s just wonderful even to watch them being slim and sporty.

They keep being beautiful in middle-age

Ladies from Ukraine don’t become ugly when they get older. There are nationalities which tend to look weird after people turn 45 or so. Ukrainians keep looking good until they are 65. It’s not only genes but also a wish to be beautiful. And it’s one more important thing to tell about. These ladies want to look good for their husband. You’ve heard hundreds of stories when a man married a beautiful girl and in 1 year she became fat and ugly because she had got the goal of her life. It won’t work with girls from Ukraine, they are too mad about their beauty.

By the way, it’s not only about cosmetics and plastic surgery. Actually, no kinds of surgeries are popular in Ukraine. It’s now fashionable here to be naturally beautiful, and the girls know for sure how to keep their appearance stunning.

Ukrainian women don’t need much from you

These ladies understand that husband has to go to work, sometimes he meets friends in a bar, goes to business travels, works at weekend or long hours. Average Ukrainian girl will be thankful for such behavior of her husband because she understands how important it is to maintain family’s budget and also build up the career for her husband.

There are many practical advantages of marrying a Ukrainian woman:

  • she won’t tell you that you have to stay at home for the weekend and look after kids instead of her;
  • there won’t be tears if you come home later than usual and not completely sober;
  • the woman won’t buy dozens of things in clothes shops every time she visits them;
  • she will be glad with any present, even if it’s just a flower from you;
  • she won’t argue with you if there is an important football match on TV and you want to watch it.

Have you ever thought of an ideal wife? She is right there in Ukraine. By the way, Ukrainian men are usually not good competitors because they earn bad salaries and can’t maintain a family. They usually don’t give expensive presents to their wives and girlfriends.

Bonus: watch a typical girl who really wants to find husband for her:

Video author: Love-Temptation dating platform

Cooking is another thing to admire

If you have never eaten Ukrainian borshch (beetroot soup) or some other traditional dishes cooked with love, you didn’t taste real food. Families around the world spend half of their monthly budgets to eat out. In Ukraine every girl after 16 can cook perfectly. Delicious homemade food will be always there for you. If there are any hesitations about it, just read about Ukrainian cuisine and ask your future wife about her cooking experience while chatting with her in internet. You’ll see that she certainly knows how to find the key to your heart (through your stomach, of course).

Verdict: you have to marry a beautiful Ukrainian girl

Finally, just look at how cute they are. Every second girl here is a model. They are modest, tender, womanlike, loving and beautiful. All these factors can make you dive deeply into the marriage and be happy with it. If you’re sick of those feministic ugly ladies trying to build up some strange community rules, then you just have to find a bride here, in Ukraine. Don’t bother yourself with the ethic side of the question. We live in an open world and there should be options for you all around the globe. But Ukrainian options you will certainly like most.

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