Our work is to check if a dating website provides optimal chatting functions. So, we are glad to present a list of projects which are fair and transparent according to real women, best chatting options and optimal pricing. We want to warn you that registering with a project just because it’s presented in advertising networks is quite dangerous. A lot of live-dating websites provide scam profiles, fake pictures and stolen videos in order to earn money.

What we do in order to check a project

There are plenty of things we are going to complete during our work. First thing is to provide information about the projects that we see as best ones on the market. Then we’ll try to give our readers information on how to go to Ukraine and Russia for a date, how to check a girl before buying quite expensive tickets. Also we’ll provide a lot of information on what to do in popular Ukrainian cities.

By checking a dating platform we understand following steps:

  • making secret purchase of credits or minutes in chat and checking main options;
  • analyzing audience of the website in order to find out geographical range of visitors;
  • finding stolen pictures, profiles and other content which can mean fraud;
  • analyzing for scam factors (there are more than 12 factors we use when checking a platform);
  • completing a review and giving information to our readers in a compact format.

With experience of running and administering a dating platform we have all skills to provide precious information which can prevent you from spending money for scam chats. Be careful as there is more and more fraud. If you want to get instant information, just check options at the Contacts page and we’ll answer your questions.