How much money to take when visiting Ukraine?

A lot of men every single day fly to Ukraine from all kinds of countries. Hundreds of flights arrive each day to the biggest airports in the country. Statistics says that nearly 20% of these men are going to look for a wife here or come by invitation of some girl. That’s great that today we have no borders and can find our love even in a different country. But for making a visit to Ukraine safe and easy, you have to plan your budget.

Don’t take a lot of cash with you, but still you will need some paper money in order to pay for taxi and get local currency at exchange points. You may take a credit card with you but pay attention that it’s not accepted everywhere, a lot of stalls and shops take only cash. Also Ukrainians don’t take dollars or euros, only local currency – hryvnias.

How much money do I need for a day?

If you stay less than two weeks, it’s more convenient to count your expenses in days. Most visitors come here for 1 week, so we’ll take that as starting point in our count. A foreigner will need a flat or a hotel room in order to live somewhere. An average cost of the room in Kyiv starts at 50$ per day. You may still find some variants which are cheaper. We recommend choosing hotels not in the very centre of the city. The rooms start also with 50$ per day, sometimes you get free breakfast for that.

So, minimal daily expenses are as follows:

  • for a place to live you’ll need to pay something like 50 USD;
  • average restaurant with cheap local food will cost you 40 USD per day per person;
  • transport is cheap, you may use taxi and pay on average about 25 USD per day;
  • entertainments depend much on what you love doing, but 50 USD per day will be enough;
  • presents and flowers for your girl – another 20 USD per day out of your pocket.

So, it’s not that hard to assume that everyday expenses start at 185 USD per one day in Ukraine. But that money includes everything. You only have to add your ticket price and also count taxi from airport which is quite expensive.

We told a lot about flying to Ukraine, getting from Boryspil Airport to Kyiv in our special article about how to fly to Kyiv.

Special expenses – what could be more?

There are some cases in which you could spend more money than we counted before. For example, if you come to Ukraine in summer, it’s worth to visit Odessa. There are flights and fast trains from Kyiv which start at 20-25 USD per person. You may go with your woman and have romantic weekend near the sea. Of course, such weekend will cost you at least 500 USD per 2-3 days. Odessa is thought to be one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Also there could be other variants to spend money for:

  1. Expensive entertainments. If you like extreme activities, there are plenty in Ukraine. Of course, they all cost money and you’ll have to pay for your woman, too.
  2. More traveling. Ukraine is a nice place to travel. There are wonderful mountains in the western part, Black Sea in the south and big cities all around the country. It’s quite underestimated in terms of tourism.
  3. Special presents. Sometimes it’s a good idea to show to your woman that you love her. It’s possible by giving big presents when visiting her.
  4. Expensive restaurants. There are some places where you’ll have to pay 100-150 USD per one dinner. In Ukraine you have to watch prices before ordering something.
  5. Alcohol. It’s very expensive here if you want to buy premium quality product. Bad alcohol drinks cost little money but they can lead to poisoning.
  6. Some support for your woman. If you come to a girl from a poor family, it would be a nice idea to leave her a little money for support. That could be 300-500 USD.

Also you can spend money by taking a car for rent. The cars cost much more than in Europe or USA, also petrol is quite expensive if comparing to the US prices. Make sure you have enough cash if you travel around Ukraine by car. Sometimes you can get into such situations where credit cards won’t save you. Foreigners even write their own guides and blogs on how to survive in Ukraine, and money will certainly help you deal with lots of situations.

How to exchange currency in Ukraine?

Be careful and don’t give your money to any people on the street who tell you they are bank representatives or just exchangers. If you come to one of big airports, you’ll find a currency exchange there. The rates are not as good as you might see in cities, so change only 100 USD in order to have money for first time. After coming to city you’ll find dozens of banks and currency exchange points with an optimal rate. After that just change little sums. Be careful with big money, fraud is quite developed here.

How much UAH (hryvnias) will you need?

That depends much on what you are going to do. Sometimes it’s 1000 UAH per day, sometimes it’s 20 000 UAH per day. We recommend to exchange per 200 USD for each day and then decide whether you need more money for the next day. There are places where you can pay by card, but it’s not cheaper for foreigners. You’ll lose money on commission that banks will take from you when automatically exchanging currencies. So, make sure you always have 2000 UAH in your pocket just to be ready for everything.

What are the factors to save money in Ukraine?

If you come to a girl, you shouldn’t show that you save a lot. Ukrainian women are quite practical and they don’t like it when men are greedy. Foreigners shouldn’t show that they want to spend less in restaurant, for example. Also never ask your lady if she wants to share a bill in a restaurant. This will be your last date with her ever. One more bad idea for economizing money is to choose cheap hotel in a small city near Kyiv. Then you’ll spend hours every day to get to Kyiv.

There are better ideas if you want to lower expenses:

  • search for tickets in advance and book flights with changes on the way, direct flights are usually expensive;
  • use SkyBus option or railway express to get to Kyiv from Boryspil Airport, these options are much cheaper than a taxi;
  • take hotel near metro station but in suburb areas of the city, that will cost you less and open convenient and fast transport;
  • choose restaurants through TripAdvisor where you can read reviews and see prices for food immediately;
  • don’t buy expensive presents for your girl, start with flowers and maybe give her one solid gift when you arrive (here is some advice about presents);
  • spend time in Kyiv because while traveling to other places you’ll certainly spend more money.

As you see, there are lots of options to give away much less money than we counted at first. Usually 100 USD per one day will be completely enough for a person who will use such advice. These recommendations are only applied if you need to reduce expenses. But in other cases chill out – Ukraine isn’t that expensive.

Verdict: spending money in Ukraine

Starting with the first date you’ll see if the girl is worth spending money on, if you want to surprise her and conquer her heart. It would be hard to do without spending more of your budget. But anyway, it would be much cheaper than asking your girl to fly to your country. By doing this you’ll have to pay for her stay in hotels and direct flights. And after she comes, she will want to go to the best restaurants and see more of the country than just one city. So, calculate everything and make decision if you are ready to spend that amount of money.

Before you make this decision, we propose you to watch a video of one of Ukrainian brides:

Video author is Love-Temptation dating platform

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