How to prepare correctly for the flight to Kyiv?

Women from Ukraine keep making relations with men from all over the world. These beautiful ladies attract grooms from all continents. Nearly 30% of men who come here with invitation from a girl start long lasting relationship. Usually the couples don’t go to one country and start living together. At first the man comes to Ukraine a couple of times and spends time with his future wife. Only after that they decide which country they see as their future home.

So, a man will come to Ukraine by plane a couple of times before marrying a girl. Statistics says that with every plane from different counties to Kyiv Boryspil Airport come 2-3 grooms who want to find a wife here. That’s a huge number of prospective marriages and that’s great. But before traveling to Ukraine you have to remember simple rules in order to make your trip comfortable and safe.

Ukraine International Airlines – should you fly with them?

There are direct flights from a lot of cities with UIA company which is Ukraine’s biggest airline operator. It has bad reputation but now the things are going quite well in the UIA. They banned the majority of old planes and started renewing their fleet, so now it’s not that bad. But still if you have an alternative company to choose from, you better think twice.

There are troubles with Ukrainian airlines:

  • planes can be uncomfortable because the companies try to earn as much money as possible;
  • there is no food included in your ticket price, pricing for food on board is unbelievably high;
  • for carrying a 20-kg check-in luggage you need to pay a lot of extra money;
  • seats are uncomfortable, so long flights are a bad idea;
  • crew don’t speak normal English, they understand you but can’t explain anything;
  • plane equipment is old and worn out, so you won’t get safe flight;
  • the UIA workers all around the world have a task to take more money from a passenger.

Also there are some other companies flying to other countries from Ukraine. SkyUp is a new airline which has optimal fleet but the service is awful. They keep being late for hours and even days without warning passengers. Other Ukrainian companies are even worse.

Though you can choose some international companies. There are lowcosters like Ryanair or WizzAir and also Laudamotion, Ernest Airlines. Also national airline companies from other countries fly to Ukraine: AirFrance, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Astana, AirBaltic and many others. You can easily find direct flights from nearly all capitals in Europe.

How to fly to Kyiv from the USA?

There is only one direct flight from New York to Kyiv Boryspil Airport and it’s operated by UIA. Usually there is Boeing 777 which is quite new and with normal seats. But the service and ticket prices are still bad according to international standards. So, many people choose Turkish Airlines and fly to Istanbul then change to flight to Kyiv. There are also tickets with transfers in France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and other countries.

The tip is really simple: choose normal airline companies if you want to get a good service. But if you are in a hurry or you don’t like flying, then better choose UIA direct flight from New York and be in Kyiv nearly in ten hours after you take off in the USA.

What to take with you while traveling to Kyiv?

You may take everything which you usually take with you when traveling to other places. Don’t forget about documents and also money. Take cash because credit cards are not always accepted here. Don’t change too much money in the airport because they have bad currency rates. Better change a little and go to Kyiv. There are plenty of exchange services where you can easily change dollars or any other currency.

Also remember such things:

  • Ukraine is quite a simple country for traveling, but it has some special things to remember;
  • there is no crime on every corner, you won’t be robbed and you won’t risk your life;
  • ask your girl to meet you at the airport if it’s possible;
  • take some simple translator with you or download application on your phone;
  • don’t forget to take appropriate clothes, climate here is quite unusual.

You would be shocked with prices for all kinds of things in Kyiv, so you’d better take everything you’ll need with you. Don’t think of buying some clothes here or purchasing another suitcase for taking those things back with you. Everything is quite expensive even comparing with first class countries. But remember that 23 kg is a free limit of weight for your check-in luggage. There is usually another bag of 7 kg which you can take on board with you.

What to do in Kyiv Boryspil after you land?

After your plane finally lands in Kyiv, there are some steps you’ll have to remember. First thing to do is to understand whether you’ll be met by a woman. If yes, then just find her waving to you at the airport exit. If not, then stick to these simple tips below.

The steps after you arrive:

  1. Go out of the plane and walk to the passport control. Sometimes planes stop far away from the terminal, you’ll have to travel by a free terminal bus for a couple of minutes.
  2. After you go through passport control walk along the corridor to the main hall of the airport (arrivals hall) and wait for your luggage.
  3. After you got the luggage just go out of the airport (there are signs with EXIT word on them).
  4. Here you have three choices – bus, taxi or train. Better take a taxi which would cost you 10-15 USD. If you want to save money, take a bus which runs every 15 minutes. It’s called SkyBus and costs around 4 USD per person.
  5. Go to Kyiv and find a hotel or a flat in which you’ll live until your final day of visiting Ukraine.

The instruction for other airports may differ, as there are not so many alternatives of transport. Usually it’s cheap and convenient to use taxi in Ukraine.

Things that can be difficult while visiting Ukraine

If you have never been to this country, you’ll be shocked that here are no signs in English, not many people speak English. A foreigner may feel really strange around unfamiliar society. People here are not polite, they would punch you and wouldn’t even say sorry. It’s difficult to explain to a taxi driver where you want to go. It’s also difficult to understand how much he wants you to pay.

Renting a flat can be a trouble, AirBnb doesn’t work here well, so you’ll have to choose some other website. Service is not in English and flat owners also don’t speak any other language but Russian. So, you’d probably better go to one of hotels. Hotel receptionists usually speak good English and they will help you understand what’s going on around you.

But you can cope with any difficulties if you remember why Ukrainian ladies are the best wives for every man.

Verdict: is it worth going to Ukraine for a date?

If you like adventures, coming to Ukraine will be a great thing to do in life. You will get to know wonderful girls, will see another country, experience its nightlife, cuisine, beautiful nature. But don’t expect too much from your trip. People come to Ukraine for having fun and finding women for long relations. It’s certainly not the country to chill out.

If you have normal expectations and choose an optimal route, going to Ukraine will be great experience. Otherwise you may get in troubles. You can also book a tour from one of the operators or dating websites in order to stay safe and well informed.

Finally, here is the reason why you have to come to Ukraine:

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